MOFCOM's Major Law Enforcement Tasks for This Year Primarily Target Record-filing Affairs of Foreign-invested Enterprises

Release time:2018.07.30

The General Office of the Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM") has recently issued the Major Tasks on Law Enforcement for Commerce in 2018 (the "Major Tasks") and the Special Scheme for Rectifying the Market Order in the Field of Law Enforcement for Commerce in 2018.

The Major Tasks propose to deepen the institutional reform for comprehensive law enforcement for commerce, make greater efforts to launch specialized rectification actions, continually innovate the regulatory mode, issue strict requirements to ensure the justice and civility of law enforcement, and strengthen the building of law enforcement capacity. According to the Major Tasks, with the focus on the implementation of the action plan for consumption upgrading, the special rectification actions will extend to areas which have a bearing on the consumption security of the general public and where there are frequent violations and illegalities, such as the single-purpose commercial prepaid cards, auto sales, household services, and circulation of refined oil products; also, supervisory inspections will be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations in such areas as the foreign investment, mainly targeting such misconduct as the failure of foreign-invested enterprises or their investors to perform their record-filing obligations under the law.

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