Contract Management & Legal Service

Our legal professionals with more than ten years’ experience at European & American Law Firms & MNCs help ensure your operations in China in compliance with Chinese laws & regulations as well as avoid & mitigate various risks in transactions, by providing professional advices in contract management, corporate governance, labor management and other fields
• Drafting / reviewing commercial contracts, e.g. GTC, purchase contract, sales contract, service contract, lease contract, NDA
• Advising to business transactions of major importance upon clients’ request
• Drafting / reviewing corporate documents, e.g. AoA, rules of procedure for operation & management, code of conduct, internal regulations, PoA
• Drafting / reviewing shareholder’s or BoD’s resolution , e.g. for set-up of internal organizations, appointment or dismissal of management, profit distribution
• Drafting / reviewing labor documents, e.g. labor contract, employee handbook, internal regulations
• Advising to termination of labor contract & labor dispute resolution
• Preparation and support to litigation arbitration,e.g. recommendation, coordination and supervision of external attorneys
• Advising to other legal issues upon clients’ request