Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (

Release time:2017.08.02

Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce ("SAIC") has distributed the Circular on Effectively Handling Matters Relating to Enterprise Registration under New Situations (the "Circular"). 
The Circular sets forth specific requirements in six aspects, including "being earnest and effective in handling the enterprise registration", "being active in handling the registration of business scope", and "comprehensively promoting the simplified deregistration of enterprises". The Circular clearly states that it shall not restrict enterprise registration according to law, force enterprises to get registered at a particular place, or create barriers to the free relocation of enterprises. Pre-approval conditions should not be established without authorization with regard to logistics enterprises intending to set up branches. In addition, the Circular calls for subjecting domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises to a unified registered capital registration system, and prohibiting the practice of unauthorized raising of the minimum registered capital threshold, paid-in capital amount, proportion of foreign investment or other criteria for foreign-invested enterprises. Furthermore, the Circular states that for some emerging industries and new business forms that do not fall under the current categories of national industries, enterprises could be registered pursuant to applicable policies, trade practice or professional documents.

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